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The Oakton Primary Care Centers have been providing virtual care for decades. For children. For adults. For established patients. For new patients.

The method of contact is interactive audio/video. The patient has been identified through to patient identifiers. The visit is conducted via interactive teleconferencing. The potential risks and benefits associated with receiving treatment services the interactive videoconferencing have been reviewed with the patient by this provider. The patient has given written verbal consent to receive services via interactive teleconference.

Our Staff secures:
Date Of Birth
Pharmacy name, city, telephone number, making sure the pharmacy is open, and a CC payment of $100.

The patient signs an informed consent for telehealth sent to us by our website. The staff hands me the medical record, and a Super Bill is created for the patient.

Then, I proceed to secure an audio visual connection with the patient – or parent, either by phone or computer.

We verify by at least two means of identification that the patient is who they say they are. Then, care begins.

I stress the following:
A follow-up physical exam by an advanced prescriber (a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) within a week of the telehealth consultation. Honor system is accepted for this.

An emergency room or urgent care physician must examine the patient immediately for any worsening, calling 911 as necessary.

I enquire:
Where did you hear about our telemedicine services.

I obtain a thorough history and review of systems, and even a limited visual assessment of any physical findings by Skype or mobile device if possible.

Staff sends in any necessary prescriptions electronically by electronic medical records software. This prescribing service is possible in all 50 states and is fully included with the telemedicine service.

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