Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

Discussion of Selank

It is a synthetic analog of IgG. So, one…

Mechanism of Action of Selank

It improves T-lymphocyte uptake of antigen.

Also, and like Semax, it expresses action by binding to to melanocortin receptors. So… It modulates GABA.

Uses for Selank

Anxiety. Phobic disorders. Generalized anxiety. And immune function improvement.

Risks of Selank

No toxicity or adverse effects.

Anticoagulant effects, so caution if patient on any anticoagulant.

Administration of Selank

Alternate days with other neuropeptides. See the Semax article in this blog for example.


Extremely safe neuropeptide used in combination with other neuropeptides.