Disclaimer: This is only for education. Do not self administer peptides. Get peptide care only from physicians that have worked extensively with them.

About Rg3

Regenerative growth factor three is the third factor extracted from ginseng. Read on if you want to know why the Chinese have discovered that ginseng helps your brain.

Mechanism of Action

Rg3 up regulates neprilysin (NEP) gene expression, the enzyme catalyst for the degradation of Abeta (beta-amyloid peptide; its accumulation leads to Alzheimer’s). By blocking the accumulation of nuclear factor Abeta in the brain, Rg3 reduces amyloid plaque.

Patients with MS or head or back trauma develop plaques that lead to headaches. This peptide reduces their headaches.

Rg3 also up regulates the formation of inflammatory cytokines.


Nasal spray. Usually BID. Usually done in combination with NAD, vitamin B 12, and. nicotinide riboside. Add mucolax if it burns the nose.


Chronic stress, burn out, chronic headaches, stroke, HCV, alzheimer’s, head or back trauma.


Extensive human studies confirm safety using Rg3. Study after study, pediatrics, adults, no side effects; desired results including early return to work, early return to school.Wonder if Rg3 is right for you? Dr. David Allingham is an expert in Peptide treatment for a variety of conditions. | Schedule your consultation today!