Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

Introduction to Thymosin Beta 4

Neuropeptide. Uses on record, both human and nonhuman literature, are reviewed.

Mechanisms of Action

It repairs blood vessels. And it crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB). So it is very useful in repairing BBB (blood vessels).

Pro-myelination. Anti-apoptosis. Both of these effects are key in repairing a diseased, degenerating BBB.

But there’s a nice advantage to thymosin beta 4. It’s also extremely anti-inflammatory. So useful for most issues, including musculoskeletal by the way.

But note, thymosin beta 4 does nothing for T cells, so caution if using in an autoimmune setting. Probably should use an anti-autoimmune peptide first, at least in theory, for at least a few weeks, before using thymosin beta 4.

Uses for Thymosin Beta 4

In traumatic brain injury acutely. Anatomical improvement – so reduces cortical lesion volume and promotes neurogenic pathways. And also improves functional recovery.

In traumatic brain injury that occurred a long time ago, it only improves functional recovery.

Corneal abrasion. Great peptide for this.