Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

This is the common expression in the emergency room for someone who has choked on food at a restaurant.

What is Steakhouse Syndrome?

If a patient has choked on something like steak or any solid food particle, there’s a good chance that it has become lodged in that patientis obvious. This is the organ that connects the mouth to the stomach. It is also known as the gullet.

If you are stable and are choking on a piece of steak, the treatment of choice is glucagon by IV. This loosens the smooth muscle in the esophagus, allowing the food to pass. Well, in theory at least. This doesn’t often work. It’s a famous treatment, and doctors still try it today. No real side effects, except that it might not work.

An important part of the management of someone choking on food that is not short of breath is ruling out something structurally wrong with your esophagus. Perhaps there something inherently wrong with your esophagus that has produced this type of choking for you in the past. If there is a history of choking, then it’s all the more critical to rule out something structurally abnormal with your his office. So this doesn’t happen again? Webs for example can develop over time in the gullet from certain dietary deficiencies and malnutrition.