Disclaimer: This is for the purposes of education only. If you suspect this based on your sexual performance or self exam, please seek and follow the care of a licensed physician who knows about this disorder for all of your best treatment options.

What is Peyronie’s Disease

One of the big causes of erectile dysfunction is something called Peyronie’s disease. It is a plaque or a pebble in the shaft of the penis. It causes the penis to tilt, making penetration complicated and difficult.
More anatomically speaking, Peyronie’s is a scar tissue developing on the tunica albuginea. That’s the normal white cheese it’s around the cavernous sinus is of the penis.
(A quick note to function… An erection forms; an erection persists – – 2 separate things. The cavernous sinuses inside the tunica albuginea fill up to give you an erection; the tunica albuginea distorts veins outside of it (the hopefully prominent veins you see on a penis) to allow the erection to persist.)
Back to Peyronie’s disease! Anyway, the scar tissue doesn’t stretch. So, as the blood enters the cavernous tissues for an erection, you get curvature towards the scarring.
This can lead to several things that hurt gentleman’s ability to have a direction:

  • Painful erections, Leading to avoiding
  • The scarring becomes so significant that blood flow can’t even get past it
  • The curvature become so severe that penetration becomes impossible

Documented complications and exacerbations include several sleep disorders and obesity. Vicious cycles of illness sprout up right and left.
Avoidure of anything healthy often causes disuse syndromes of greater harm. It’s one of the recurring themes of human biology you should try to keep in mind.
These unfortunate gentleman end up avoiding having sexual relations. That conflicts at many levels with a healthy lifestyle. Relations suffer. The blame game begins. And it’s all just a fully treatable medical illness.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

One exciting new care modality rapidly becoming popular today is shockwave.
Generally, seven regions of the male anatomy receive shockwave therapy to promote erectile function. In patients with Peyronie’s disease, the shaft becomes more of a focus of therapy for the shockwave pulses.
The calcium channel blocker verapamil can produce beneficial effects for a patient with Peyronie’s disease.


Peyronie’s disease is a fully treatable disorder that big Pharma has ignored for decades because drugs don’t work. Surgery? Yikes!
Energy transfer modalities to help break up the plaque into a large lake, the sinuses of the penis, present an exciting new therapy that is essentially full proof. You just have to do it enough, and it will take the bend out, leaving you much more functional. Maintenance will be an important part of the care however, because we continue to eat cholesterol, salt and sugar, the things that damage our arteries.