Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Please do not self prescribe peptides without the direct guidance of a physician well trained in the use of peptides.

Peptides for Inflammation

If using peptides in the setting of inflammation especially neurodegeneration, be cautious of not exacerbating autoimmune comorbidity. So, start with anti-autoImmune peptides first: Thymosin Alpha 1 & BPC-157

Nuances of initiation and maintenance regarding both of these peptides are touched on.

These are anti-autoimmune peptides.

When peptides are used in the setting of neurodegeneration or inflammation, an anti-autoimmune peptide like one of these two should be used before the anti-neurodegeneration or anti-inflammatory care begins, even if only for a matter of weeks. There is a concern, if not a risk, for possibly exacerbating autoimmune processes otherwise.

For example, if you used thymosin beta 4, an anti-neurodegeneration peptide that is strongly anti-inflammatory, it would do nothing for T-lymphocytes, primary instigators of autoimmune pathways, so might make those bio chemical pathways worse.

Autoimmune disorders include patients with multiple allergies or chemical sensitivities, especially foods, so start with anti-auto inflammation first. Then move towards other care.

  • Thymosin alpha 1 x 2-3 weeks.

I would recommend 1.5 mg twice weekly subcutaneously (so 1/2 ml of a 3mg/ml vial; so a 5 mL vial contains 10 such doses, like that).Several advantages to just starting low with his peptide for auto immune disorders. At this low-dose, there is no need to ever take a holiday, However, I would also make sure the patient has enough to have an additional dose in the case of an outbreak!

Thymosin alpha 1 must at least be cycled though, if not honeymooned, even though the dose is so low.

In general and in summary then, anti-auto inflammation first, then other things after. And the delay before starting other things can be just a matter of a few weeks if you are layering on peptides.

Many peptides will be cycled anyway. There’s only a few that are used continuously.