Disclaimer: The discussion below is purely for the purposes of education. Do not self administer peptides. Get peptide care only from physicians that have worked extensively with them.

Cerebrolysin, A Peptide for Neurodegenerative Illnesses

Neurodegenerative disorders stem from natural aging as well as from just about anything that causes any other diseases in the body (any disease in the body is going to have an impact on the brain), plus of course from brain degenerative disorders – autism, depression, multiple sclerosis, others. The end product of neurodegenerative disorders is dementia. But often, there is no overt dementia in a patient with a neurodegenerative disorder well underway.

The peptide Cerebrolysin is proving helpful to people with neurodegenerative disorders. Studies reviewing its often use ability to return to work as a primary marker of efficacy.

Mechanism of Action

Cerebrolysin increases synaptic density by increasing dendrites. Thus, you are increasing the ability to make connections in the brain. It protects neurons from oxidative stress, acidosis, and glutamate toxicity.

Glutamate conversion to GABA occurs in microglia when microglia are functional (microglia are the janitors of the brain). This does not occur when microglia are in senescent phase. So glutamate builds up. Thus, Cerebrolysin reduces amyloid plaque, improving metabolism.

Uses for Cerebrolysin

Peer reviewed scientific studies confirm better return to work rates in just about any neurodegenerative disorder, 1° or 2°. So, MS, Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, autism, and the like for primary disorders. And, again, most non-neural disorders produce a secondary neurodegenerative component. Aging of course produces neurodegeneration, so there are benefits there. Studies on ALL confirmed improved life expectancy.


It can cross the blood brain barrier, so can give it SQ. It can be given IV – push or drip, IM.

Four weeks on, four weeks off. Or, twice a year dosing. Twice a year dosing is for anti-aging (anti-neurodegenerative).

May be used with IGF-1, CJC, ipamorelin, TA-1. A common prep is CJC-1295 4 mg/vial and the dose would be 0.25 to 0.3ml QD, 5 days on, 2 days off for 30 days at a time, regular honeymoons of multiple weeks between months.


This peptide is completely well tolerated. At this point in the presentation of anything big Pharma has available for dementia today, you would read a laundry list of serious side effects including reduced immune function, risk of infection, much of these lethal.

Can cause a welt at the site of injection.


There are extensive human studies that have confirmed great safety using Cerebrolysin. Study after study, children, adults, no side effects; great results.