Disclaimer: This discussion is purely for the purpose of education. Do not provide your own peptide care in any way, shape or form. This must be done by a trained physician.

Adjuvant to SHOCKWave (ED)

PT141. Increases sexual desire, males and females. Also increases sexual function in terms of lift off and persistence in males. This effect is particularly dramatic. As little as 0.1 mL (0.15 is fine but often too much! Dial it down if so!) every other day times three can have efficacy that last up to 10 days.

PT141 clearly improves erections. So, that way you can get your Cialis and Viagra doses down. That is, if you can get them down, that usually allows you to improve ejaculations! That is, while erections improve, ejaculations in contrast actually diminish the more Cialis you use. So, if you’re having trouble with ejaculation or amount of ejaculation, please try PT141, with an eye to lowering Cialis/Viagra.

Actual testosterone can be boosted safely without having to resort to exogenous sources of testosterone or testosterone analogues. Clomiphene or clomid of which is the most common. What is your testosterone current level?

Up regulating the body’s production or response to testosterone can be accomplished in multiple ways.

Clomiphene (Clomid), a nonsteroidal fertility medicine in women, is one option. And it can be prescribed for men through regular pharmaceutical routes PO. But to get best response, it should be injected subcutaneously.

Let me close with information on a nice alternative to HCG, the peptide Kisspeptin-10.  Kisspeptin activates GNRH neurons to secrete GNRH and increase LH/FSH.  This in turn provides stimulation to leydig and sertoli cells which helps maintain fertility and increase endogenous testosterone.

Dosing Tips

  • PT141, 0.15 mL SQ daily x3, then every other day x3. Hold one week, then repeat, titrating down on dose and up on time based on peak


  • Can cause flushing and or nausea. If so, coffee grounds or Alkaseltzer Gold – the HCO3- in these offset it. Or even a half a glass of water after dosing it really reduces trace indigestion which most don’t get.
  • Can increase skin pigmentation.


You know the four phases of sex in a guy? 1 Interest; 2 Lift off; 3 Persistence; and 4 Ejaculation? Many things boast their ability to increase one or more of these phases. But there’s probably only one thing that increases all four of these! And that’s Peptides.