Disclaimer: Please use a physician who regularly prescribes peptides for all of this care.

How do peptides improve our immune system?

By now, most of us accept that peptides regulate the bodies own growth hormone affect at a mitochondrial level, increasing the efficient production of ATP. But peptides also improve immune function.

As we age, there is a decrease in our immune system that includes an involution of the thymus and a decrease in T cell production. The involution of the thymus and decrease in T cell production can be reduced by using peptides.

T cells and B cells produce their own growth hormone. Growth hormone has many different functions in the body. When it comes to T cells and B cells, they are using growth hormone as a signaling agent.

As to the best specific treatment strategy for auto immune patients, I would recommend the thymosin alpha-1. Besides the fact that it has a very very low risk profile, it can absolutely help reduce autoimmune outbreaks. In fact we have a lot of people who use this for lupus, psoriatic arthritis, hashimoto’s disease, and many more.

Another adjunct that is spectacular for auto immune disease including Epstein-Barr virus induced auto immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Lyme disease… Is N-acetylcysteine. Traditionally used to bind receptors in the liver to prevent liver failure in Tylenol overdoses, it has now been shown to dramatically reduce the fatigue and chronic aches of autoimmune disorders. The titration of this must be done by a physician. Please reach out to me directly if I can help with any of this.


Peptides, with GH and IGF-1, actually rejuvenate the thymus. Peptides rejuvenate the signaling of T cells and B cells because T cells and B cells actually produce their own GH.

Thymosin alpha-1 in particular is the best peptide to help for auto immune disorders. This peptide is also very valuable in our post COVID-19 world. N-acetylcysteine.

So if the answer you are looking for to an immune problem including autoimmune disease is a return to normal physiology, let’s do it the way the body does it, using peptides natural to the body.