Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. It’s healthy to know how you work. If you were having problems, please seek the direct consultation of a qualified, licensed physician.

Hair Loss: Peptides, PRP, and More

What governs healthy hair? Inversely, what decreases such function. And ultimately, what can be done to reduce it and treat it. Major pearls are reviewed here.

PRP of course deploys the growth factors contained in platelets to the areas where you want more hair growth.

Androgenic alopecia. This is all about collagen replacement. And oral preparations of this can be strong. If you really feel the need to try something injectable, you might consider BPC 157 in combination with GHK-copper. GHK-Cu: start low 0.15–0.25 eventually. Daily for 90 days. Then discontinue for at least 30 to 60 days and reevaluate response for another trial of the same at a different dose – or the same.

As with all peptide care, make sure a physician is involved with the titration of all therapy to avoid tapping out from unnecessary overuse, and incorrect rule outs.

While we have a lot of options for androgenic alopecia we don’t have as much for alopecia areata.  Usually we would recommend the combination of the immune related thymosins.  Usually this would be thymosin beta-4 and the thymosin alpha-1. I would recommend the TB4 everyday at 0.25ml daily and the TA1 at 1.5mg (.5ml) twice weekly.


So if the answer you are looking for to a hair loss problem is a return to normal physiology, let’s do it the way the body does it, using peptides natural to the body.