Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

About BPC-157

The most widely used of all peptides may be BPC-157. It is an anti-auto-inflammation peptide.

Peptides are what the body uses in natural physiology.
Following the binding of peptides to specific cell surface receptors, peptides serve as hormones, neurotransmitters so signaling agents, and as growth factors.
The FDA has allowed the use of several dozen of them including BPC-157.
The same principles of peptide use apply to BPC-157.

  1. Are we administering or do we need to administer exogenous GH? No! We are administering peptides to harness the body’s own GH. And have the fragments of the peptide been studied to make sure that after their degradation, they are not producing any unwanted effects? Yes. So, safe, x2!
  1. GH releasing peptides work by up regulating GH directly or indirectly by first upping GH releasing hormone (GHRH) which in turn up regulates the body‘s GH responsiveness or production or signaling. So, synergies between peptides!
  2. It must be done in pulses, so you must be on it under a few months, and then you must deliberately stop it for a matter of months. Cells cannot be stimulated forever! They need a period to rest, a time to regenerate, a time to recover, a time for repair – alternating with a time for proliferation. Your cells will not like being constantly stimulated by any signal. Their mitochondria won’t like you for this. Your muscles, for example, will not like you for this – they will break down. I will repeat this need for pulse therapy to mimic normal physiology again and again per peptide that I review. Get used to hearing it. Cycles!
  3. Also, the pH that your body lives in is important to normal physiology, and thus, is critical for ideal peptide response. Read the separate article on the Ideal Daily Regimen for recommendations. Milieu!
  4. Also, stressors are necessary to exercise the tissue. Exercise, intermittent fasting. Just taking a peptide and not working out won’t work. Stressors!
  5. And lastly, these peptides are all being done to reset cellular machinery damaged by aging or disease. Regeneration!

Routes of Administration

SQ or PO. Split dosing is recommended. Directly over tendon or muscle under care.