Recent science and techniques in shock wave therapy reveal dramatic resolution of lower extremity edema that patients have had for decades. Yes, even chronic ulcers go away in days. Why don’t you know about this? No drugs involved. That’s right, big Pharma doesn’t want you to know that this works because they can’t make any money off of this. Standard indication and treatment modalities are followed as well as innovative new indications. All FDA cleared. This concept of “Soft Tissue Engineering” will be explained and discussed with you by Dr. David Allingham in a $69 session. 30 minutes with Dr. Allingham, and you can move on to your therapy that same day. Or just get the therapy… ESWT (electro-shockwave therapy) that we offer for $600 a treatment is now known as an essential part of “Physical Tissue Engineering.” Additional treatment options including peptides and cryo-chamber in combination with shock wave give excellent results. 

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