Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is the one that you get from raw shellfish. Or your girlfriend gives it to you because she got it from a shellfish and didn’t tell you. Full disclosure is the rule when it comes to transmittable illnesses! So. Sexually transmitted. Foodborne. Spread the word, not the disease.
Now back to a few more A‘s.
Academics. It’s largely the subject of academic epidemiology discussion, because there’s a lot of studying, and really not much going on.
But I guess everyone in Actuality does get treatment in one way or Another…
All of those involved in the hepatitis A discussion really do get some sort of therapy. Whether it’s preventative care, or public health Awareness. These Are All treatments of A sort, one way or Another.
And if you come into contact with it in a group setting, all recommendations point to not returning to work or school. This is of course to prevent epidemics.
If there’s been an exposure, you should receive a hepatitis A vaccine.
If you actually get hepatitis A infection, you should be treated with An immunoglobulin shot.
All those who get hepatitis A develop immunity for life. And… There is…
Almost no fulminant hepatitis… Almost no potential for a relapsing carrier state.

Notice the preponderance of “A’s”.

Hepatitis “A”

Academic epidemics

All receive some sort of therapy: yes

  1. Avoid RTW/S (return to work or school) to prevent epidemics
  2. “A” exposure -> TX: A vaccine
  3. Actual infection-> TX: A Ig (An immunoglobulin shot)

All develop immunity for life

Almost no fulminant hepatitis