Disclaimer: While there is much science here, some speculation, projection, and opinion does seep through. This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.


Yes, all of this is based on science today. Science means that men and women have had to give their lives proving that the stuff I’m about to talk about is real. These terms aren’t just being kicked around. The evolution towards them was laborious, lengthy, and decades of research went into every tiny gene mapping that produced and isolated these molecules and types of molecules, and then went on to elucidate their functions. All you see is the summary here. And some projected clinical applications are entertained.

Exosomes. You’ve heard of them. Your certified financial planner is telling you to invest in scientific companies interested in them. But what exactly are they, what do they do in our normal physiology, and how might they be applied to helping us.

Exosomes are tiny little vesicles that cells spit out to talk to cells adjacent to them. The signal might be to shut down all of their activity. The signal might be to change to a different type of enzymatic activity, thus leading to a different function and or form. And, the instructions can be to say, hey, we’re going to regenerate this tissue anew. Yep. I knew that would wake you up.

There are other larger types of vesicles that cells spit out – – apoptotic bodies, micro-vesicles – – that have different functions. Exosomes are just the smallest (that we know of!). And exercise are of the greatest interest right now because they contain micro-RNA.


There really are no cures here. Just exciting advancements that show what we can do without manipulation, without drugs, poisons with favorable side effects.

All of this research into molecular biology and embryology is taking off. It shows what our bodies are capable of without drugs. Well, maybe there is a bit of a cure of sorts… That is… Is all of this exciting advancement going to save us from big Pharma’s costly stranglehold on our health in this messed up healthcare system? I’m just asking.