Disclaimer: This is for the purpose of education only. Don’t try to self supplement or self medicate.

I know, it’s commonly known that the process of burning fat is called lipolysis.

But did you know that with the best cold therapy techniques or lemonade in fact, there are always a component of heat.

Yes, combination therapy is a recurring theme in all body sculpting. But actually within the cryo-modality itself alone, there is some heat involved with the best therapies available on the market.

More is better. This is one of those universes. The deeper or longer the burn on the fat, the more persistent the fat burn.

Unfortunately though, deeper burning from severely lower temperatures is producing side effects, some of which are well tolerated, some of which are not.

Moderate speculation here, but follow my train of thought. If overly intense cooling is leading to some nodules in some patients that are detected visibly, who’s to say they are not producing more microscopic nodules and patients that aren’t noticed visibly. Either type of nodule is still a growth, even though it may be a benign growth. Well, see if you can follow this. It is well established and known in medicine that benign growths can become malignant. So you make your own conclusions, but the more growths you are producing, nodules and otherwise, microscopic and macroscopic, the more risk there is for malignancy. And that seems to be proving out. Moore reports of malignancy are being reported with colder temperature therapies. None are being reported with moderate cold therapies.


When it comes to fat burning, we’re Garlist of the modality, everyone in the industry, medical and nonmedical, want to comes to aesthetics, we all agree – – it’s all about a sweet spot. If you don’t do enough, you don’t get enough results. If you do too much, there are risks, plus you don’t get results.

That leaves for the purposes of this discussion…

The deeper killing produced by longer treatment therapies in safer temperature modalities are producing longer lasting fat killing, probably more effective and definitely safer. And cheaper.

The tolerance of almost any fat loss as it occurs as well as long-term is proving to be dramatically excellent.